Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vacation is over

Last week I was able to fly to FL to be with my sister who had surgery the previous week. It was so much fun! That's the first that I've been in my sister's home.....and she's been married almost 10 years. It was nice to finally put a visual on all of the verbal descriptions. My nephews showed me all around their neighborhood and all their favorite spots. It also did my sister heart good to know she's doing so well and to share in many conversations that memories are made of. 

I love flying - no matter how dreary the day, when you break through the clouds - the sun is shining. 

I have never, anywhere, including driver's education, seen a sign like this. Evidently there's enough people who do this that it warrants a sign. Yikes! That was my first clue that I should be careful.

As I turned right at a red light after checking for traffic coming to my left, my sister informed me that it's legal to make a U-turn at intersections. She told me that as I was making a turn wondering who the crazy person was swinging around to meet me. I'm glad to be alive!

My nephews - Bryce and Evan.

Jennifer and Justin live at the edge of a golf course. We saw evidence of deer, too many squirrels to count, and a turkey during several of our walks.

Now I'm home and getting ready for starting school on Monday - doing laundry, working on lesson plans, putting away some of the Christmas decorations. Which reminds me - this was the first year that Baby Jesus did not show up at the bottom of my washing machine. Long ago he lost all of his finish. I do believe my boys are growing up.

So thankful for the break though it was a bit busy and ready to get back into the swing of a "normal" routine.

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