Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Update

 The only way I can remember what we've been doing is pull out the camera but in the last month we've been too busy to take pictures. Here's just a snippet of what's been happening.

The month started with the stomach virus and everyone but Philip took their turn.

Easter arrived this year and the boys took a challenge to recreate scenes from the Easter account in Lego form. They used what they had on hand and did the photography themselves. This was the triumphal entry:

The Crucifixion:

The burial:

 And the Empty Tomb - I like seeing the dropped spears and soldiers running away:

We went camping over the Easter weekend (thankfully this year we didn't get snowed on! It was great!) but I forgot to take my camera. This was one snapped by Mrs. Welch.

Allan celebrated birthday #11! He ordered stromboli, Doritos, Cream Soda, and pecan pie.

Daniel bought him a present this year and was almost more excited to give it than Allan was to receive it.

And this part of spring arrived too early for my liking - the count is now at 11. Seriously, at a $1/snake these boys are going to have me broke by the end of summer. It's kind of gross but the chickens eat them......

The garden is started, mowing the lawn has begun, and we're working on wrapping up schoolwork for this year. May is usually the busiest month of the year for us - particularly for Philip - but it's such a happy time of year!


Janet said...

I always enjoy finding out what you've been up to! See you next week!

Marianne Brown said...

Janet - Look forward to seeing you all next week! Whew - the "end of the year roller coaster" has begun.