Thursday, July 02, 2015

Stephen's Artwork

Several months ago Stephen entered a creative phase ....paints, drawing, markers, staples, tape, and reams of paper! He has spent hours in this position:

His paper art is probably the most fascinating: you never know when you might need a fire,

or a lantern!

More often he's creating scenes from stories in his mind. This is a ship moored near an island with  mountains.

Then there's a castle on an island being attacked by a dragon.

And keeping with the castle theme - here's a castle, complete with soldiers - all made by hand.

I have no idea where he got the idea for TNT but we didn't have any trouble figuring out what it was. The handle even goes up and down.

A volcano.

And a ferocious fire-breathing dragon.
 I've finally started putting all his drawings and paintings in a box....prolific is a great description right now. He's starting to spend a lot of time using Sketch Up on the computer and that's easier to store...except that he names his files with names like.... woernwerosazpoawej and when you get too many of those, you can't help him find the drawing he wants to work on.

The other evening after showing his Grandpa another one of his creations he said, "God created me to paint." Who knows where his creative streak will take if we can just find the stapler and keep him supplied with tape!


Carol Barrett said...

I just loved this post Marianne! Creativity gets stifled in so many of our youngsters, I'm happy to see you encouraging it.
I just read this to his Gramme, and it tickled her too!

Charity said...

Love it! Amazing that he can think in 3-d to create his paper art. Nate can think in 3-d so easily. I, on the other hand, simply cannot. That's one reason even sewing is tough for me. Love all the cool creations! And the title of the saved file was hilarious. Have fun, Stephen! (I'll have to send you a pic of Alex's Throg creations- he takes scenes out of the Wingfeather Saga and makes them out of Legos- pretty awesome stuff.)

Laura said...

Thoroughly enjoyed getting to his creations! And like Charity, the file name made me laugh. Love it!