Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Art of the Brick - Cincinnati Museum Center

The Art of the Brick is the special exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center right now. Philip had some time off yesterday so we decided to take the boys and go. It is a bit pricey - but was well worth it! IMG_3778 Artist Nathan Sawaya uses Legos™ to recreate both masterpieces of art and original creations. His attention to detail and his use of dimension, color, and shadows are incredible. My boys are not into art but they are into Legos ™ and this was a really good way to introduce them to famous pieces in a medium they are attracted to. Pieces like The Starry Night by Van Gogh

Monet's San Giorgia at Dusk


What we found is that most of the pieces were best viewed from a distance with slightly squinted eyes to get a better image. Like the Mono Lisa.

The boys all really liked the recreation of the Rose Window in Notre Dame.


One of the largest creations was a replica of a Moai on Easter Island. The boys say it had 75,749 pieces....or something close to that.


The largest replica was a T-Rex skeleton with over 80,000 pieces.


Some others that we enjoyed were: Flying Cincinnati would have to live in Cincinnati to understand. Well.....actually I live in Cincinnati and I still don't understand entirely.

  IMG_3774IMG_3771 IMG_3768 IMG_3764 IMG_3763 IMG_3761

Fun day! Maybe a new use for the tubs of Legos™ around here?

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