Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vacation in TN

Over the late winter break Philip and I were able to go to Tuckaleechee, TN for two days for a nice relaxing vacation while my mother-in-law kept the boys. We had a wonderful time. These are some pictures of the cabin where we stayed. Also included is the picture of Nancy Lambeth's Birthday cake...and yes, the "Birthday" really is as crooked as it looks in the picture! Sorry Nancy!


Nancy said...

The cake was so pretty it deserved to be posted about twice! I didn't look at other blogs till I got done posting on mine....sorry about the duplication. Looks like you all had a nice get-away too! Also, I didn't really notice the crooked "Birthday" till you pointed it out....looked perfect to me! I'll never know how you got the Calla Lilies so are so talented.

dorcas said...

Marianne that cake is so beautiful. The flowers are just wonderful. Looks like a lot of people are heading to Tennessee. Hmmm! I think I might have to start hinting to my husband about a vacation to Tennessee:-)

David and Sarah Fry said...

Hello, Marianne! I'm so glad I finally discovered your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your world, seeing pics of your beautiful house (and what used to be mine from your windows.:) Deanna is so excited about you doing her cake. I should be heading your way a week from tomorrow. Hope to see you then! I'm adding you to my favorites so that I can check in now and then. I love the shopping angels story! lol

Sarah Fry

Angie said...

It looks as if you two had a wonderful time!! Glad you were able to have fun and spend sometime together! I believe "quality" time is what keeps marriages working!Love ya, Angie