Thursday, March 01, 2007


In a recent post I mentioned that Daniel was learning how to sign "please." I need to clarify that he doesn't have a hearing problem. When they reach the age where they know what they want but they aren't verbal their tendency is to whine and point. The problem comes in when you answer their whine by giving them what they want thereby teaching them..."I make this noise and I get what I want". A friend of mine used sign language for her little girl to solve the whining problem and it really does work. So, we've taken that idea and are applying it to Daniel's training. Instead of whining he points and pats his chest (actually he's supposed to rub his right hand counterclockwise but the coordination isn't there yet).


Charity said...

I'm lost! Is this a really old post that you're re-posting?

Charity said...
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Marianne Brown said...

I'm not sure what is up with this...when I get some time I'll look into it - this was a post from years ago!