Monday, April 30, 2007


I've been sitting here reading through blogs of friends, aquaintances, and strangers. As I read I'm reminded how blessed and thankful I am for the paths God has led me in. When I think back 10 years to the direction I thought (wanted) my life to take it certainly wouldn't have been as fulfilling or exciting as where God has led.

All I really wanted was a little trailer/house in the country in PA, be able to teach (preferably third grade or below), my own dog, my own garden, and my own clothesline. Just a quiet, simple life with as few people watching me as possible.

And here I am: in a beautiful apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio, teaching college (philosophy of all things!), God gave me a husband (I didn't want one of those but I've found that I needed one!), two healthy normal boys (I didn't want any of those either!) I do have my own garden (Thanks to Mr. Lum and Dr. Avery), you don't want to air your laundry if you live in the city and particularly on GBS campus (do I need to explain further?). Quiet and simple life? That ended when I married "Dr. Phil" and moved to the "fishbowl" atmosphere of a Bible College campus.

God has taught me a lot in the last 10 years about His ways being higher than my ways. His stretching of me has not been without an ample supply of grace to trust Him unreservedly with my life. Isn't life with God good?

Well, I must red up the house (For those of you who are not familiar with PA Dutch that is pronounced "red" and means to tidy, straighten, clear of clutter, etc.) so that #1 I don't fall and break something if one of the boys wakes in the night and #2 so that I can start tomorrow fresh without a pile of clutter staring me in the face.

To those who comment on my blog and wonder why they never receive a reply: Teaching this semester has taken a LOT of my time and so responding to comments is one of the things that I have had to put aside. One of those priority, choosing what is best decisions that I had to make. In two weeks I should be fully functional again!


Martha C said...

I know just what you mean! :-) As a true Yankee, I never wanted to live in "Dixie." I must admit that God is teaching me a lot of lessons during this time!

Linda said...

I am glad God had other plans also. It is great having a friend like you.

Beth Yoder said...

finally someone out there that knows what READ-up means!!!!! My husbands family just looks at me and wonders what in the world I mean :)

dorcas said...

Yeah! I need to "read" up my house too. Are your kids as "rouchy" as mine is? (Not sure if the spelling is right, but I'm guessing that you know what I mean). How about, "Is it all?" or "Do you want to go with?" I think it drives my husband crazy when I say that. Oh well, he says funny things too.

David and Sarah Fry said...

This was such a good reminder. God is busy with me even now...reminding me that He knows best. I'm so sorry about your recent insomnia. I always feel so silly for getting up and blogging when I can't sleep, but it helps to clear my brain and calm me down, I guess. We plan to be there this weekend for Chelle's graduation. Maybe we'll see you.

PS...I don't think we ever hung our dainties out to dry on Josephine street, either! The thought makes me laugh. Just think...we were almost neighbors. Boy do I ever miss that view and that corner.