Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Snakes, Scratches, and Worms

Sunday I was carrying Daniel up to the garden to look things over when something jumped at the side of my foot. It was a 1 1/2 foot garden snake. I now have officially seen more snakes in Cincinnati than all of my years growing up on the farm.

The boys had their pictures taken yesterday and did so beautifully. The photographer gave Allan a gift certificate for a free pretzel from Auntie Ann's. He very much enjoyed and ate all of his cinnamon and sugar pretzel. I'll post the link to their pictures when it becomes available.

 Thankfully the pictures were yesterday at 11:30. For at 5:00 he fell off of a brick wall at his Pop-pop's house and got a fat lip and two abrasions below his nose. At 12:00 today he fell down the cement stairs in front of our house and received a goose-egg on his forehead for his effort. It was about 5:00 this evening that he came running into his room to see his brother, tripped and whacked the bridge of his nose on a bookcase shelf. He is quite a site!

The picture of Allan with his lawnmower needs an explanation: He has started collecting tent worms and putting them where the gas belongs. I heard him tell them last night when I called him in to get ready for bed, "You stay in bed worms, all right?" They stayed - they also died so he put a new stash in there today. There are some things this mommy doesn't get involved in I can assure you!

Allan is getting all excited about his Grandma and Pappy Slagenweit coming for a visit. Tonight I told him that they will be here in 11 more days. His reply was, "That's nifty! I have an idea. Let's tell Pappy that Mr. Lum says he has to come to our house right away!" Mr. Lum is his hero and if he wants to do something that he thinks we won't allow he'll always tack onto the request, "Mr. Lum said that I could!" or "Mr. Lum said I could not do that!"


Charity said...

They gave us an Auntie Anne's coupon last time, too, but they didn't mention it. It was in the bottom of the bag. I found it when we got home- oh, woe! 30 minutes from the closest indulgence... Still looking forward to cashing that one in ;o)

Liz said...

Marianne! I'm so glad my three year old isn't the only one who is bumped up! :>) Great to find your blog - I think about you often - it will be fun to keep in touch this way. In case you haven't found my blog yet -

I noticed your previous post about what you thought you wanted in life . . . I was the same way! I wanted to marry a farmer and live in the sticks, etc. It's amazing the way God stretches and gives grace and irons out wrinkles in us through the whole process.

By the way, thought it was interesting that we chose the same template for our blogs . . . :>)

We'll be there the end of May! Look forward to seeing you!

Aimee said...

Marianne - Hi! It was interesting to read about the plans you had for your life (clothesline, etc.) I've recently traded the big town/city life for the small/town country life. =) I LOVE IT! God does take us interesting places, no?

Nancy said...

While Alan collects worms, mine have been collecting those pesky caterpillars on campus. any rate, boys are great. and yes, I remember the days of Michael's constant boo-boos.Alan, no, YOU have my sympathy! Seems like I was always hearing a scream and then I would be scared to look! It will pass with age....maybe this is just the restful time right before broken bones and fractures....I better not even think it! lol!