Saturday, November 03, 2007

Updates from the Brown Clinic

Let's see: the last time I posted Daniel had just started his second round of antibiotics. That was when life got interesting. October 23 - woke him up to take him to get his one year pictures and he's running a fever of 103. Got home after pictures fever was 103.5 - took him to urgent care. Ear infection much worse and he (according to the chest x-rays) had pneumoniaitis. Started on ear drop antibiotic and continue the oral one. October 24 - the fever broke and he seemed to be no worse for the wear. October 27 - Allan began running a fever of 103 and stayed on the couch all day long (for a 3 year old this means they really are feeling rotten!) October 28th - Allan had two seizures 2 hours apart and began to complain of sore throat. His fever broke after the second seizure. October 29th- Allan complains of sore throat (I see nothing upon inspection) October 30th Daniel goes to the Dr to be sure that the pneumoniaitis is gone. It is but he still has the ear infection so we begin the third oral antibiotics. October 30th - Allan is crying while eating supper saying his throat hurts (we thought that the sore throat was coming from the muscle strain of the seizure) so I get a flashlight and look. Fiery red throat and white blisters. November 1st - Allan to the Dr - he has Herpangina. Tylenol for pain and plenty of fluids. The Dr decided to check Daniel's ears to see if the third antibiotic was working - ear are worse so she faxed a referral for him to have tube put in at Children's Hospital - we are to see the specialist November 13th. That's the update from the clinic - may I say that I'll be glad when the clinic is able to close it's doors due to having no sick patients. I'm very thankful that God has kept both Philip and I well through this ordeal. (I do cringe when I think this is only the beginning of cold weather!)

Other wise: My brother, Jonathan Slagenweit, stayed with us during the Ministerial Leadership Conference last week. We've weaned Daniel down to 1 bottle a day. I had two more cakes: one for a voice recital and the other for a baby shower. OH, so many more things happened but since I have the opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep tonight I believe I'll get some work done so that I can take advantage of it (not that children understand that we can sleep an extra hour but I'd like to think it could happen!) - 


Liz said...

I'm sure glad everyone seems to be improving! Gracie had something similar (a good while ago) - but it was connected with her first exposure to fever blisters, which run in Darrell's family. The symptoms were very similar to Allan's.

Hope you get that rest! I need to as well . . .

Take care,

David & April said...

I sure hope the boys can be healthy for a prolonged period of time soon!! I'm sure they have the best nurse, you!! The outfits you picked up are pretty, even nicer when their on sale! Can't wait to see you all at Christmas!!! Love ya! Give the boys hugs and kisses for us!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about all the drama with the boys. Hope everyone is completely well soon. The outfits are beautiful! I'm so happy for you. I was fortunate enough to be on the eating end of your baby shower cake. It was both beautiful and incredibly tasty. I admire your talent. Blessings!

Nancy said...

I LOVE the cake.Also, your outfits were a reminder of the sale I missed. BUMMER! A friend had even forwarded the coupon to me, but I forgot it was this past weekend....not that I need another stitch of clothes anyway. Glad you got some good deals...I really like the red sweater. Just looks wintery!(is that a word?)
So glad your boys are on the mend! I'd rather be sick any day than have sick children! At least when I'm sick, I like to sleep. When they're sick, there is NO sleep. Hope you get caught up on your rest one of these days....yeah, right!