Sunday, October 21, 2007


It has been a whirlwind month at the Brown residence. The short news is: 1. Philip has completed the RHB (Reader's Hebrew Bible) dubbed "The Project" by Allan. YEA!!! It's in China waiting to be printed and should be released next spring. This allows for some extra family time which we have all loved.

2. Daniel has 4 teeth, seasonal allergies, double ear infection, and we're weaning him off the bottle - not an overly happy camper but it will get better.
A cake done for a church's pastor appreciation.
3. Allan has been enjoying the fall leaves, campfires, poking dragons (this one I don't totally understand), and taking advantage of the last few warm days to play in the sandbox.
4. I've been trying to keep the normal working machinery of a home working smoothly while starting fall housecleaning and canning some apple pie filling. Throw in GBS Homecoming, revival, Pastor Appreciation, Dr.'s appointments, the never ending laundry pile and you have very full days! But we love the fall and are starting to think about Christmas...Philip even suggested that we start playing some Christmas music. That was a surprise! (he's the one who slept until 8:00 the morning of our first Christmas! Never in my life had a met someone who slept in CHRISTMAS morning.) I think perhaps I'm having a good influence on him :o) Have a great week!


Charity said...

Phil and Nate must BOTH be getting sentimental about Christmas. Nathan has suggested putting up the Christmas tree on November 1st!!! What's with that?! As far as Christmas morning goes, that was always a huge deal at our house. Maybe we should reform the Brown traditions ;o) I'm thinking cinnamon rolls and coffee followed by a day spent in pajamas playing checkers.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Love the canned pie filling. My MIL and Aunt do a lot of canning of pie fillings. I don't make pies that require a crust on top, but I like to do pudding pies and pies with crumbled tops. I don't bake much at all but it seems I cook continously. Ever feel that way?? Your pies look yummy!! Have a great week.

Springer Family said...

Everything sounds fun -- except the fussy baby & cleaning! :-)

Nancy said...

Yum! When can I come over for a slice of apple pie??? j/k I had to laugh at your husband and Christmas. I married a guy who refused to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Fast forward 10 husband gave me a CHRISTMAS CD LAST week.....yeah....we have a way of changing them, don't we! LOL!
Congratulate Phillip on the project. I'm sure it's something he can be very proud of....LOTS of hard work!

David and Sarah Fry said...

David's the one who starts listening to Christmas music in OCTOBER around here! It's one of his rare impractical habits....It's nice to see what Christmas does to him.

Reading your post made me happy for fall.

Angie said...

It sounds like ya'll are staying busy and enjoying Fall! Congradulate Philip on the 'finished' project for me. As I far as I'm concerned, I'd just soon finish enjoying the Fall atleast til the leaves are down, and mostly blown away before I start thinking of Christmas.(Maybe I'm old fashioned or something???!!)

Charity said...

The Christmas tree is officially up!

Liz said...

So sorry I didn't get to see you while we were out there! Hope Allan is doing better??? And Daniel?

God bless you - hope life slows down a bit some time! :>)

BTW, we're getting really ready for some Christmas stuff here too - trying to decide just when I'll put up the tree . . . no later than two weeks from now, I'm sure.

Take care!