Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas at the Brown's

Celebrations are winding down here in Cincinnati. Philip's brother and wife (Nathan and Charity) were here when we got back from PA and they stayed until Sunday. Allan and Kathryn played well together and Daniel loved their dog, Chips. We had some exciting times and always enjoy the laughter and fellowship of the Brown get-togethers. The conversations are always enlightening and challenging. Having to watch out for two little ones forces me to miss some of the fun but soon enough they'll be joining in the conflabs.

We took some time to visit the train display at Duke Energy again this year and Allan LOVED it! He didn't seem to remember going last year.
There were also the interesting twists of having children around. Charity has a hair-raising story she may have the emotional energy to share someday. Daniel learned it's not a good idea to play on a treadmill that's running when you have no clothes on. (Allan learned a very important lesson about making sure then treadmill is turned off) And to make a long story short I gave Allan a black eye. But we're all alive! I've been down with a bit of the flu and now my father-in-law is sick too. My mother-in-law's sister, Carol Barrett, is here visiting but until we all get well I'm not sure if we'll be able to spend much time with her.

I'm now sitting down to journal some new goals that I've set for the new year. We read through our "stones of remembrance" book this evening all of the answers to prayer that we've had. God's been good to us. And bed early! I used to stay up to see the new year in but that all changed when I had children. I'm anxious for the day they'll be able to stay up with me :o). Happy New Year!


Maria said...

Your boys(and their cousin) are so cute. I can't believe how fast they all grow up.

Toots said...

I enjoyed your Reflections of Christmas post a lot. Didn't have time to comment when I first read it last week, but I appreciate your sharing. What a precious thing...Christmas through the eyes of an innocent child.

Had to check out the link to your husband's latest as well...fascinating.