Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year!

Well, school has started once again, the Christmas decorations are put away (except for the few odds and ends {nativity scene pieces} I'm finding under chairs, couches and beds), and life has returned to some resemblance of "normal."

Philip is teaching: Life of Christ, Hebrew, Greek, and two sections of Principles of the Christian Life. I'm teaching Philosophy of Education for the fifth time and have one of the smallest classes I've ever had. It's also unusual in that I have the same number of guys as girls.

The past week was for a very busy one. Monday I taught and prepared lunch for Philip and the student he mentors. Tuesday I made a quick trip to Oblong, IL for the memorial service of the mother of a college friend. I hadn't made a trip like that by myself since I got married. I spent Wednesday recovering and attended the school revival Wednesday evening. Thursday I busied myself with all of the things that got pushed aside for the trip Tuesday (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) Friday is cleaning day and Saturday I spent getting ready for Sunday and playing with the boys.

Allan decided this week that it was time that I have a checkup with a Dr and so he told me to sit on the kitchen floor while he gathered all of his instruments. He told me that "he's a good Dr. because he knows how to give shots." First came the temperature, mine was "3 1/2", then the blood pressure which at that time was "6, 7, 8 years". But what really scared me was when he looked into my ear and said, "Your tonsils are really bad!"

The following conversation took place this morning while he was laying in bed with me right before we got up. He rolled over, gave me a kiss, and said, "I love you mommy!" I said, "You do? Why do you love me?" He sighed and said, "Well, actually I don't love you but I love Daniel." Curious I asked him why he loved Daniel to which he responded, "First of all, I love him because I saved him from drowning (which is true), and the second reason is because it makes Jesus happy if I love him and the last reason is because I hate spidermen!" It was almost as though he's already learned every good argument or outline has three points and so he had to come up with another one somehow.

Daniel is learning new things every day. We've taught him to say, "Yes ma'am" by shaking his head up and down, and "please" by doing the sign language form. Usually he just pats his chest so we know what he means. He's also started opening and closing his fist if he wants you to follow him which makes him feel pretty important. Usually he's leading you to something he has gotten into that he wasn't supposed to have gotten into!

We've been praying recently as a family that God would help us to save money for a new vehicle and give us wisdom as to what kind, when, and how to go about replacing our car. Allan has been included in those prayer times and the other day he came to the conclusion that we need a minivan so that we "can have ten kids!"

That's a few tidbits of what has been happening in the Brown household. Have a wonderful week!


Liz said...

Aren't they a bundle of fun!? I see Daniel likes the nesting blocks! A favorite toy around here too.
Enjoyed catching up and reading your Christmas thoughts too - thanks for sharing - it was thought-provoking to rethink our celebration.
Take care!

Charity said...

Fun, fun. I love the conversations you guys have. I told Nate yesterday that Kathryn had figured out the why?/because... sequence. I asked her why she was happy; she said, "I'm happy about you, Mommy." Nathan (the smart-aleck) said, "No, I don't think she's got it yet." ;o) And Marianne, I know strange medical issues run in your family, but you really should see a doctor if he can see your tonsils in your ears!!

Toots said...

I hope you don't mind my stopping by once in a while to read the news you share.(?)
It really is refreshing to read about how other sincere Christians are making the journey. It's encouraging.
I enjoyed hearing about your Dr. a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

I think that a temperature of 3 1/2 must be quite good - especially with the weather we've been having lately. But I would worry about that BP - particularly the measurement in years. I've got some meds I might could share. :)

Marianne Brown said...

Liz - The blocks are WONDERFUL! One of the most played with items in our house.
Charity - At this stage in my life I don't want to know if I have some unheard of medical condition. I'm banking on having another good 10 years (if I'm like my parents) before I start falling apart. Amazingly I'm feeling pretty good considering the "dr's" findings. :o)
Laura - I don't mind a bit! I watch your blog and Julia's ...anyone who is currently working on training their children to love God catches my attention. Gives me the hope that it really can happen if we're diligent. Thanks for stopping by.
Sonja - Whew! I was expecting a negative number for the temp. Perhaps that's what skewed the blood pressure! I'm going to get a second opinion on the tonsils.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Marianne! So nice to stubble across your blog tonight. Your children are adorable!

Pam Asbury

Marianne Brown said...

Pam, It was so good to hear from you. I sort of lost track of where you all were after Philip talked to Glen at IWU. Loved your blog!