Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another week

Another busy week is about to close. Monday and Wednesday I teach so those afternoons are spent entering attendance, grading homework assignments, and getting ready for the next lecture. The first test is this next Wednesday so I'll have tests to grade this week.

 Monday's are laundry day but I realized that I was running out of detergent and so I mixed up another batch. Thursday we went grocery shopping, Friday was cleaning day. Allan asked me as I was combing my hair if he could "dust" the bathroom floor (he meant scrub) so I gave him some wet rags and he went to it! That was so nice...otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done this week.

Friday night was also date night so the boys were able to spend some time with Gramme and Pop-pop while Philip and I went to Panara Bread. This morning Philip went to the men's prayer breakfast and when he came home I got the rest of the day "off." I spent 2 1/2 hours at Sam's Club doing comparative pricing. In our attempt to be tightwads (so that we can replace our vehicle) I've been working on a comparison notebook and will soon be finished. I overstayed my welcome though at Sam's because they finally sent someone to check and ask what I was doing and who I was working for!

 I came home and made some potato soup (new recipe) that was so nasty hardly any was eaten. That's the first time since we've been married that Philip has not been able to eat what I've fixed.'s been a busy week and I'm looking forward to the Lord's day and resting. That's about all I remember on a Saturday night at 10:00.

 Note about the pictures: The one of Allan - he needed to fold some laundry before he went to bed and when I went in to transfer him to his own room his pile of washcloths was on his chest, all folded and ready to go. Daniel - this picture doesn't show it very well but he is getting so big. The crib will soon be retired.


Char said...

That's hysterical - Sam's club coming to check on you - that made me chuckle out loud!!!! Maybe, for a small fee, you would share your comparison shopping notes??? I have always wanted to do that but...
As to Allan and his house chore - I love it! There is always a way for children to contribute and be an asset in the home. You all are doing such a great job of child rearing!!! Sometimes I wish we would have had 4 more - wait did I just say that???? Our crib retired long ago!

Charity said...

You know, my mom (a long-time employee of Wal-mart pharmacy) used to use me to do "comp checks." I'd come home from school, and there'd be a list. Do homework, fold clothes, call CVS (name of med. quantity, etc.) and find out prices. I got 'caught' more than once 'working' for Wal-Mart ;o) Nasty potato soup?!? Is there such a thing? Too bad. The only time Nathan COULDN'T eat my cooking was when I made Spicy Beef Pitas. A new cook, I thought a clove of garlic meant a bulb and put 4 bulbs! in a dish for two~ yeck!!!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Love the picture's of the children sleeping. They are so cute and are such angels when I've had some nasty potato soup before too...that I made. I went online and found one that I like really well. Hubby has never tasted it so I don't know if he would like it or not.

I worked for Wal-Mart for 13 yrs. and I hated to comp shop. The competition always found me out. I went as little as possible. Sorry you got "caught" Take care.

Marianne Brown said...

Charlotte - You're welcome to my notes if you'd like them. I'm finding that giving Allan things to do makes him feel as though he's an important part of the family (which he is!). Four'd better talk to Dave :o)
Charity - There is a nasty potato soup! I never thought I'd say it. Philip did eat some and the boys ate some but the rest had to go.
Mother in FL - I got my recipe online too. Should have stuck with my grandmother's ALWAYS good. As far as Sam's club...I'm not sure if they believed me or not. Sighhh...