Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy February!

Another busy day is through... Let's see: Last Saturday we took advantage of Auntie Anne's free pretzel day and went downtown to Tower Place mall to enjoy ours. While there were stumbled across Churchill's Tea Room. It looks like a fascinating place to have a date! Last Sunday I dressed the boys in matching outfits that they received from Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Tonya at Christmas.

The highlights of this week were: Monday - taught, Tuesday - tried making bread but something went wrong and after 2 1/2 hours it was only 1 1/2 inches high. Tasted fine but not exactly what I was looking for.

Wednesday - taught, took Daniel for his one year checkup (he's 16 months but the clinic I go to has a very long wait time for well baby checkups) and he's doing great! 25 lbs and 31 1/4 inches long. He didn't cry when he got his shots or when they pricked his finger for a lead and hemoglobin test. Friday - we had family night with Dad Brown since he was "home alone."

Saturday - The day started when the phone rang at 5:15, by the time Philip got to the phone no one was there so he came back to bed. He no sooner crawled in bed than the doorbell began to ring. After hurriedly putting on some jeans he discovered it was Mr. Lum, head of the GBS maintinence department, telling us that they caught someone breaking into our car and that the police needed to talk to Philip. Lessons learned: #1 We really do need to remember to lock our car! Lesson#2 It's really dumb to leave your wallet lay in plain view on the seat (I normally don't do this...but made a mistake last night). Lesson # 3 - God takes very good care of us! Since I went to Walmart last night I wouldn't have needed my wallet until sometime next week and thus would not have been looking for it. Lesson #4 God's taking care of the man who tired to rob us by 1. making sure he got caught 2. The policeman said he's was a homeless man and tonight it's to be 7 degrees with the wind-chill factor but this guy will have a warm bed and a full stomach. Lesson #5 It makes me more aware of how much I need to pray for the protection of the guards on campus. Sometimes the nights get very long and boring but every once in a while there's some excitement. My heart is full of thankfulness tonight for Mr. Lum, all of the security guards, and Chief (the campus security dog).

Oh, I made another 4 loaves of bread today and they turned out great! Now I need to finish preparations for tomorrow (pack the diaper bag, get lunch in the roaster, iron the guys' shirts, and get a good night's rest so I'm able to worship properly tomorrow. Blessings!


dorcas said...

Your bread looks fantastic. I'm in the mood to make bread again. You just can't beat fresh, homeade bread. If I had some I think I could eat half a loaf right now.

Anonymous said...

Dittos on the bread. It's beautiful! So thankful that God took care of your "almost" situation. What a night of excitement! Truly a good reminder to pray for the guys who work security. Blessings on your week!

Brenda said...

I love the matching outfits on the boys - very cute!

Martha C said...

Love those matching outfits. I think my days of that are coming to a close since there is such a gap between the older boys and Silas.
Yikes about the car! We had no problems at GBS until right before we moved, and I was a bit frustrated that my nice bike was stolen right off the back porch! (Someone actually saw the guy walk off with it!)
You have been on my mind as I admit something I never thought I'd say. . .I am actually "warming up" to the South. :-) I think part of it is that my life has become less stressful since I am not so stretched. I was sooooo busy in OH.

Char said...

I make bread too but it comes in these long frozen wanna be loaves! I need to learn how to do that - someday!

As always - cute boys!

meluvzmb said...

You should definitely go for high tea at Churchills, It is a wonderfully quaint little shop !

~Kim Vance~

Marianne Brown said...

Dorcas: how did your bread turn out?
Sonja: Thank you...seems like I haven't seen you in forever even though you're only a block away. Hope you enjoyed your "day off" (If you ever get one of those)
Brenda: I thought they were kind cute myself!
Martha: Warming up to the'd better get back up here quick! ;o) I loved SC! I think it was the hardest place I've ever had to leave. I loved the weather, the people, the church, the university...
Charlotte:0) Those frozen things are a LOT less work!
Kim: Philip and I are going to try it sometime.

Belinda said...

wow, i just read your post about having your car broken into - someone broke in the front window to becky's car yesterday morning! i'm surprised that in the twenty minute lecture that we got from the cops that they didn't mention the incident down the street a week earlier! we know not to leave valuables in plain view, but occasionally...well, we forget! and who would have thought that someone would break in the front window in broad daylight? and just when i thought our street was starting to clean up a bit!