Saturday, March 22, 2008


I'm at week 11 in this pregnancy and things are slowly getting better. My energy level isn't returning as quickly as I'd like but that will come with time. Usually by the time I feed the boys breakfast, get them dressed, get myself washed, dressed, and combed then it's time for a nap. The evenings are usually spent in bed lying very still and slowly but surely those are getting better too. All the blood work and Dr's reports are positive. The sonogram showed one baby (YEAH!) and an approximate due date of October 10th. The heart rate was 172 so if you believe old wives tales then it must be a girl. Allan has proudly telling everyone, "We don't know what our baby is but if it's a girl her name will be Emily Grace and I'm going to call her Grace and if it's a boy it will be Daniel Mark Brown." He has the girl name correct (this is the one name we've agreed on for the past 4 years) but the boy name will have to be worked on.

I'm slowly getting some of the "piles" in my house put in their proper places but it will be a while before we're back to normal. Philip has been so wonderful at keeping the kitchen clean and operational since the smell of my kitchen is too overwhelming for me. He's also done a million other things to help keep the house from falling apart. We may be a team but right now he's the only one playing the game.

I did have to cancel a wedding cake for earlier this month which made me very sad but it was a necessary choice. It does look like I'll be having perhaps two more weddings this summer before the baby is born so I'm thankful they're further out and I should be doing fine by then. I'm thankful for what looks like another healthy baby and pregnancy. There are already things that are making me realize that third pregnancies are more uncomfortable than first or second but I keep telling myself, "My grandma Miller did this nine times...I can tough it out for three!" 'Course I think she was made of different stuff than I am!

I'm also thankful for the strength to keep teaching. So far I've only missed one class. And in another week is spring break so I get another breather. This is the last time I'll be teaching Philosophy since we're going to start homeschooling in the fall and my children need the time that I've been spending studying lectures, grading papers, responding to students, and the emotional energy that goes into teaching needs to be channeled into my own home. This is sort of a bittersweet year for me but I have some great students who have made this a good "last" year.
No pictures of me until the green tinge is totally gone! :o)


Maria said...

I hope you start feeling better!! Maybe this one will be a little girl. I am having so much fun finding little girl clothes this time. Hopefully she doesn't pop out a little boy:(

Liz said...

So good to read up on you all! Give Phil our congratulations!!!

Also, on your "girl" name. Gracie was going to be Emily Grace, but we opted for Grace Ruth. :>)

Happy Easter!

*eMiLy GrAcE* said...

Awww...that is so neat! My name is Emily Grace!

Marianne Brown said...

Maria: Pretty much everybody around here is hoping for a girl. I have a lot of nice boys clothes that still have some use but they may have to go out in a garage sale. I hope your pregnancy continues to go well.
Lizzy: Whew....if you had done Emily Grace I guess we would have picked something else :o) Thank you for sending us a birth's funny but in one of the pictures on your blog I said, "Philip look! There's the side profile of Bro Agan"...and he agreed!
Emily: Nifty! Your mom and dad have good taste ;o)

Faithe said...

I do SO much hope this time you get your little girl; every mother needs a daughter. I know, because mine is so VERY SPECIAL to me!!! Even though we are many miles apart, we still feel close because we talk at least once a day on our cell phones. (By the way, if hers is a girl, she is naming her Emily Faith(e) -- don't know if she'll use the "e" like mine.) I look forward to the updates on your family. I've been checking often for them. Hope you're soon past the "puny" time. How cute!!