Saturday, March 22, 2008


In addition to helping here at home, taking care of the boys and teaching he has taken some time to celebrate. On the 12th was his 37th birthday so we celebrated the Sunday before at his mom and dad's with strawberry shortcake.

Yesterday we had the official celebration of the release of the Reader's Hebrew Bible. It started shipping earlier this month and so far there are a lot of good reviews and comments about it. I'm so proud of a husband who "finished the job." This will be such a blessing to those who are serious about reading Scripture in the original language. His mom and dad hosted a party fit for a king. They fixed steak and shrimp (with marinated, pan fried mushrooms to top it), salad (with homemade crutons), corn on the cob (or corn on the combine as Allan called it), baked potatoes with all the fixings and pecan pie for dessert. What a celebration! Afterwards we read the sayings of Jesus on the cross to commemorate Good Friday and then fixed a fire in the fireplace. Lovely evening, good food, great company...we're blessed.


David & April said...

Hey! So glad to see that your feeling good enough to blog! Happy Belated Birthday to Philip!! That strawberry shortcake looks delicious! The boys updates are hilarious!! I was reading it to David and we were laughing histerically!! Daniel must be a little rip! You definately have your hands full! Also glad to know there is only 1 baby, and possibly a girl!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Marianne Brown said...

April: We'll let you know when we find out what it is...another one of those "cell phone calls to David" ;o) Plans for the house are looking great. I hope things go smoothly for you.

Kim M. said...

Your father in law Brown was our pastor at Bible Methodist in East Lake, AL. I felt like a sponge when he was our pastor... I truly enjoyed having him there. I was a very young newly-wed at the time and I think his preaching/teaching helped me so much spiritually.
Congratulations on the Reader's Hebrew Bible! I saw the announcement in the Revivalist and just had to come here and comment about it. I know why his parents threw a party. What a great honor to have your child accomplish something like that!
I enjoy your blog!
Kim M.