Sunday, June 22, 2008

Travels and Moving

Since I posted three weeks ago Philip has spent a week in the Cayman Islands teaching, I've done two more wedding cakes and we've moved. We moved from apartment one to apartment two at 1815 Josephine St. This will gives us two floors with four bedrooms and two baths. The additional space is so nice. Actually we moved to third floor to sleep two weeks ago since there is central air up there. That was a plus. The downside is the steps! Living on three floors was insane.

In all the busyness there have been some fun times: a trip to UDF (United Dairy Farmers...local ice cream shop), picnic - that was while Philip was gone, we've done two pickings of green and yellow beans out of the garden. Then there are some of the not so fun times: Daniel drizzling Terro ant trap poison all over the new bedroom carpet (I bought the traps this time because he eats the little cardboard squares...ants and all), Allan using a pair of pliars to fix "pipes" which just happens to be the legs to an oak dining room chair, Daniel hacking at the third begonia plant I've had to replace due to his hacking tendendies, 1/2 gallon of spilled Kool-Aid on the kitchen floor, as I was cleaning that up Daniel got into the knives I was using to clean beans on the porch and sliced his finger. Oh, the usual "mommy" stuff that causes us to not get a lot done on some days. It's no wonder my favorite time of day is bedtime and naps!

We're getting ready to leave for AL on Saturday so I'm going to take another extended leave from blogging.


Alanna said...

oh my - so its not just my church kids who are hyper and into everything! :-) The little story made me laugh.

Martha C said...

Happy moving! :-) I can only imagine how much you will enjoy the extra space.
Love the "boy stories." I have so many of those tucked away in my memory! Some bring chuckles, and some of them will not be too funny until a decade has gone by!

David & April said...

These "Mommy" stories make us giggle! I'm sure it doens't make YOU giggle, but they are funny. Glad you were able to get moved!