Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Day

We are back in's good to be home! Vacations are nice but the mundane and familiar are comfortable.

 I had both of the boys wear their suits this morning and we were able to part of a family picture...minus the head of the household who was taking the picture.

Allan's SS lesson today was about, "it's important to get a good lady. Her name is Rebecca." Philip continued his lessons on holiness. It was good to be back with our church family again after being gone for two weeks. After church Dave and Lorinda Frankenberry transferred a jeep to the trunk of our car for the boys. They are thrilled to death. The Frankenberry girls have outgrown it and they graciously gave it to our guys. I won't have to entertain them this week! Allan's learning slowly how to push the gas pedal and steer at the same time. It's a lot harder than what it looks.

 We had lunch at Gramme Brown's and then both boys took a wonderfully long nap which allowed mommy to take a wonderfully long nap. When you have toddlers you know that Sundays can be a matter of survival but this was one Sunday where things went a little more smoothly than normal. I'll post later this week about our trip to AL, the garden, and other happenings.


Charity said...

That's a really good picture of you and the boys, Marianne. And I love the jeep! Glad you've settled back in, but I can say we Alabama Browns are missing our company. Come back soon :o)

David & April said...

Finally! A long awaited update! The boys are getting so big! The family picture (excaept Philip) looks nice. You need to get a tripod so you all can get in the picture! Allan really looks like you and Daniel really looks like Philip! Power wheels will be fun for them! Miss you guys lots!! ;)

Esther Elizabeth said...

you have two adorable kids!!!