Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garden Update

When we arrived home it was very evident that there had been a lot of rain in Cincy during our absence.

The corn had grown two feet or more, the tomatoes and peppers were in desperate need of being staked up and the beans had stopped producing and needed pulled. These pictures are mostly for my dad's benefit. As you can see the center strip through the garden doesn't produce very well and everything is a little yellow...too much rain? I picked lima beans yesterday and pulled up most of the beans. I decided against replanting since bending over to pick them and being 8 months pregnant didn't sound appealing for some reason.

Allan's very tickled that four of his sunflowers are going to make it...the past two years his attempts have been "weed-whacked."

My shade garden is also doing well although it's a little too wet due to a malfunctioning gutter. I may lose my hydrangea yet but it does look like it's going to produce a second bloom soon.

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Kelly S said...

I'm so envious of your garden! It looks like it's a nice size. We plan to every year, but... Like I always say...Maybe next year:)