Sunday, July 20, 2008

Visit at Nathan and Charity's Home

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures from our stay at Nathan and Charity's. For the first part of our stay mom and dad Brown were there also. Charity took it all in stride and was a wonderful hostess. The boys loved playing with Chips (their dog) and Vita (their cat). Some of the days we were there the weather was just wonderful and they enjoyed the big fenced-in back yard. Katheryn gave up her bedroom for us and seemed to tolerate the noise level of the boys fairly well. Alex was a very happy chappy while we were there - he is a funny little guy who loves food! We took one day and visited the Mcwane Center which the boys just loved. It's like a huge indoor science play area. Allan enjoyed the car care center where you could change tires, check the oil, etc. on the model they had. Daniel enjoyed playing in the water and "flying" an airplane. Both of the boys enjoyed the aquarium area. Thanks Nate and Charity for your kindness and wonderful hospitality.

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Charity said...

We loved having you here!!! And thanks for posting these pics. Now I KNOW what the cat REALLY does to my mop when it's outside drying... ;o) Come back soon!