Monday, July 14, 2008

GBS partnering with Answers in Genesis

I was scanning Ken Ham's blog today and found this news item:

Students can now take AiG’s Foundation in Creation Apologetics online course, APO 101, and earn three college credits from God’s Bible School & College, a regionally accredited Bible college located just a few miles from us in Cincinnati, Ohio. To earn college credit in creation apologetics, simply contact God’s Bible School & College Distance Education Department and enroll in PH 295 Creation Apologetics. This course involves taking our fall or spring Foundations in Creation Apologetics course, as well as doing some additional outside reading and coursework. If you desire to take creation apologetics for credit, do not enroll in the course through AiG. Rather, you will enroll through God’s Bible School and pay tuition directly to them. To get more information on this program and tuition costs, contact the GBS Distance Education Department at 513-721-7944 ext. 1331. The first course that can be taken for credit starts August 24.
Hey! That's us! Nifty!

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Byron Gurnee said...

When I finish my MEd I would love to do that!