Sunday, August 03, 2008

Getting ready for school

We've made the decision to start homeschooling Allan this fall mainly due to his prompting. He has been begging to learn to read and I'm all for taking advantage of his willingness and enthusiasm. Since there is going to be a new baby in the fall I didn't feel it would be in his best interest for me to do all of the teaching. Since we had already decided to use the Bob Jones Press curriculum for his scope and sequence (adding and supplementing as we go) we'll be using their K4 (exposure) hard drive program. He's bursting at the seams ready to start! He's been wondering when we're going to get his desk set up, buy his supplies (he found out that he has to have scissors and that tickles him to no end), and get started.

While we were at Bob Jones I thought it would be neat if he could meet his teachers. Miss Liston has moved and so we weren't able to see her but Mrs. Lawson took time to meet with us and talk to Allan. I've never seen him so flustered. It just made his day to be able to meet her as you can tell from the picture. I'm getting excited myself. After teaching college for the past 5 years (for whatever reason my students never showed the level of enthusiasm for philosophy that Allan is exhibiting) it will be nice to get back to doing what I was trained to do. I will miss teaching philosophy (I can't believe I said that!) but my niche is with little people - I feel more comfortable there. So when school starts this year I'll probably have trouble sleeping the night before and feel all of those "first day" emotions that most teachers feel but it will be good.


w2wkb said...

Are these teachers through BJ Home Sat?

Nancy said...

Just going online this morning to order curriculum myself and decided to check blogs! I'm glad Alan is such an enthsiastic student....he'll be fun to teach. It's really fun to teach when they are so anxious to learn. We'll have to get together and have "recess" at the park sometimes :)

Tracy said...

I homeschooled Caleb using the BJ curriculum. He loved it and so did I.Homeschooling was so much fun!Caleb is my best reader ( so far) and also the best at spelling. Their approach to phonics was so very good for him and so easy to teach.

David & April said...

He'll do great!

Toots said...

I'm so excited to see your little guy's enthusiasm for starting school...speaks well of Mom and Dad and the home atmosphere! Enjoy it to the fullest! I'm thrilled (for you) that you're able to do it! We continue to be wonderfully happy with our decision. Blessings!
Laura and family

Marianne Brown said...

Browns: Yes, the media is just different.
Nancy: sounds good...once I have to start filing with the school district I'll ask you who the "friendly" ones are so that I can save myself some trouble...hopefully. It seems like our district isn't too bad. What's your thoughts?
Tracy: We chose Bob Jones for a lot of different reasons (guess why we both attended BJU and not Pensecola? :o) but I think Allan will really like the program. We'll supplement for the subjects that we'd like them to have but BJU doesn't offer.
April: I hope so...I think you're right.
Laura: I've always hoped that I'd be able to homeschool since I'm a homeschool grad myself. There was something about it that created a love for learning that I never gained in public school - Glad you guys enjoy it also!

Martha C said...

I really enjoyed all of your BJU pictures. I am sorry I didn't see your email until it was too late. :-(
Blessings on your homeschooling. I think teaching your own child to read is very rewarding!

Martha C said...

Forgot to ask. . .Is the teacher related to Dr. Lawson in the Fine Arts?