Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Week in Review

We had a very "relaxing" week...enjoying the last few days before school starts. Monday is always laundry day and so not much else gets done. I did fill the boys' swimming pool since it was supposed to be hot later on in the week.

Tuesday we cleaned the house some...a new house isn't really dirty but since by vacuum had been malfunctioning it needed a good sweeping (the replacement part came in the mail on Monday afternoon). We also went and picked up two twin bed sets that we found on the the Craigslist for the boys.

Wednesday we had the privilege of having a long-time friend over for supper. Brother Edsel Trouten was campus pastor when Philip and I moved here. Philip had known the Troutens from their years together in Hobe Sound. I learned to know them over the time I was expecting Allan. Because I was so sick in the evenings on Sunday nights instead of getting in a car and traveling anywhere we'd walk to Brother and Sister Trouten's home for a time of fellowship. Those are some wonderful memories and it was so good to be able to have him in our home again. Sister Trouten is in a nursing home near their home in ID.

Thursday I was particularly drained energy-wise and I didn't do much of anything. I guess I did pull up my corn (the squirrels were decimating it!) and the rest of my beans. Played with the boys in the pool a little while and visited with Tom and Katie Butcher when they stopped by.

Friday's are family days: Philip took the boys to Eden park for a little hike in the morning while I rearranged the boy's rooms so that it's easier to get around. (The picture I included is the way we first had the boy's beds - now they are side by side with a space between the two). Friday evening we got subs and went to Devou Park over the river in KY for a picnic. The boys really enjoyed watching the people on the golf course. We then went to a little park near our house so the boys could play on some children's activity gyms.

Saturday I worked in the basement getting out all my teaching materials and sorting through all my "junk" in general. I discovered that I'll have to continue this project at a time when the boys are in bed because they cart the "junk" all over the basement because they think it's so neat! Not to mention they get filthy. Somewhere during this week I gave the boys haircuts again. I was hoping to let it grow but it's still summer and they were looking pretty shaggy so I gave them both a buzz.

Sunday: Philip had to preach this morning. We went to my in-laws for lunch and then went to check on a tree that has some apples that look promising. (BTW: I've been looking for some Red Haven peaches here in the city...they are already past their peak but I also found out that most orchards are asking $80.00 per bushel! - That's compared to $20.00 my mom pays in PA! That's insane!) While we were taking our naps here at home someone helped themselves to our loose change stash and CD/MP3 player in our car. It was hot today so I left the windows down thinking, it's the middle of the afternoon and in three hours we'll be leaving for church of these days we'll learn! :o(

So that was our week - tomorrow I have two haircut appointments in the morning (husband and father-in-law...{he's a brave man}), and then Allan and I are going school shopping in the afternoon while Philip watches Daniel. I'm wanting to finish putting up decorations in the house this week, we have a party to attend on Saturday, my sister-in-law is bringing her sister to GBS this week, we'll continue to get ready for school and Philip starts F/S week on Tuesday. Another busy week :o) Hope you all have a good one. Oh, the picture of Allan with his sunflower was taken today. It's one of three (out of the 50 we planted) that survived to this point. He was tickled that it finally bloomed.


Faithe said...

John enjoyed reading about Brother Trouten and seeing his picture. We have MANY fond memories of them during our time in Florida, plus we had them at our church in PA for revival probably 4 or 5 years ago.
For Allan's sake I'm so glad at least a few sunflowers survived. (SMILE!!)

Nancy said...

So sorry about your losing the CD player. If it helps any, I had my brand new trail bike stolen in June. I had only gotten to ride it once. aagh! Anyway, as you say, you'd think we'd learn! I love the new bdes...don't you just love Craig's list?!!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I really enjoyed seeing the picture of Brother Trouten. He was here at Hobe Sound when I was in school and his sweet wife was such a help to me. I've been hearing that he is not doing so well. He looked good in the photo. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.

Joy said...

Have really been enjoying your blog and keeping up to date with your family. Your boys are really growing. We finally have a blog. Really wanted to get one started before our new arrival. Check us out sometime if you like. Hope all is well with you. Miss you!

dorcas said...

Hi Marianne! I just ate a wonderful peach that my friend brought into work. I remembered your post and thought I'd tell you about the place she gets them from. She thought they might still have some. She paid 98 cents per pound. She got 38 lbs. for around $36 or so. It's called Rouster's Apple Rouse in Milford. I don't know their number. I also don't know the name of these peaches but they are free stone.

dorcas said...

Oh, and they come from Pennsylvania.