Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today was the day to finish the processing of the cinnamon pickles so they were canned and they made 11 pint jars. Allan ate almost one whole one himself and then we took some to the Brown's Friday night so I don't think they'll last long. Thursday morning I had some business to take care of so the boys and I did some running around and then went to WalMart. Alex took his nap here and I caught up on some housework that I'd been neglecting.

 Oh, it's been a long process but I'm still trying to get pictures on the walls and curtains hung. The sway I got on e-bay arrived today so I did a grouping at the bottom of the stairs leading to third floor using some of my P. Graham Dunn pieces. It turned out nice (much nicer than the pictures!)

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Alanna said...

Mmm.. my grandma makes cinnamon pickles too! They're great. Wow, you've been busy!