Saturday, August 23, 2008


Tomato canning day! Let's see I believe it made 4 quarts and three pints. Everything I canned this week sealed the first time much for the old wives tale that your jars won't seal if you're pregnant.

Friday morning I went to see the chiropractor. This week was one that hasn't been kind to my lower back.

That afternoon I hung the curtains I found the day before in Philip's office. (The curtains were on clearance at Wal-Mart for $11 :o) BTW: The Thomas Kincaide border - my first attempt at wallpapering) was purchased at a yard sale for $2 a roll :o)

When we got home the boys wanted to get into the pool so I joined them and we had a blast!

Friday evening we went to Mom Brown's for grilled salmon and shrimp (Yummy!) and then came home and crashed. The boys are coming down with something and both of them went to sleep early and slept until 7:30 Saturday morning.

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Joy said...

Love all your posts. Keep them coming. I'm so new to blogging that I can't think of things to blog sometimes. Your produce looks beautiful! I wish I had your energy! Hope all is well with your pregnancy. When are you due? We have about a week and a half left. Feeling drained at this point, but occasionally will have a spurt of energy. Did help so corn and green beans with Mom M. but that was earlier in the summer. Love those fresh-grown veggies! Your boys are precious and growing so fast. Our email is Would love to hear from you sometime. Keep us posted on when your baby arrives. Love ya, Joy