Saturday, August 23, 2008


The boys both have stuffy, runny noses so they weren't up to doing much today. Since Allan starts to school Monday (I told him that I wasn't sure if he would be starting school if he wasn't feeling better to which he replied, "Mommy, God's going to heal me of my disease.") I worked on putting the finishing touches on the schedule for next week and pulling all of the final resources I needed. Everything is ready to go! Did a quick cleanup around the house and am now ready to drop into's been a long week. Philip has had an equally long week and he just arrived home from making copies of his syllabi for Monday's classes and making sure there are enough books for the number of students in his classes. He'll be teaching an extra full load this semester (18 hours) and one of those is a new class. Daniel is really struggling with him leaving every morning. He wanders around the house calling, "Dadddddeeeee..........Dadddeeeeeeeee" Then he puts his hands out and says, "Gone!, Gone!" At first he cried every morning but now it seems that he's starting to understand that daddy will be gone until supper. Oh, Allan surprised us and said the twenty third Psalm this week. Philip had been reciting it to them before they went to bed for the past week or so and he learned it by listening. Good night!

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David & April said...

My word girl! How do you do it all? With 2 toddlers and pregnant!! You deserve a medal! Everyday seems to bear more work for you! Take a moment to relax! Any names for this kiddo yet?