Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Days of School

Allan's first day of K4 was on the 25th of August. Opening exercises went perfectly but the day got interesting when I tried accessing the BJU Hard Drive on my computer. It seems that my computer did some updating over the weekend that caused me not to be able to access the drive. Allan was extremely disappointed but I went ahead and had him do an activity that I knew was planned which helped ease the let-down. By afternoon technical support had called and walked me through the patch to fix the problem so Allan begged to have school after supper. He finished about 8:00 and was up at 6:20 the next morning ready to go again!

I've been very pleased that he's enjoying it so much. Of course, I've enjoyed it too! The BJUP teachers are tops and have worked hard to make the learning process fun. Each lesson is based on a theme that ties all of the individual subjects together. Because it's a spiral curriculum there is review each day with new information added to the previously laid foundation. The first part of the lesson is Science or Heritage Studies, Math, Exercise time, English Skills and then reading time. We start school at 8:30 after we've eaten breakfast with daddy, made our beds and changed into our school clothes. Usually the opening exercises last for 15 minutes with saying our pledges (Daniel loves to hold the flag and the Bible), focus time on the calendar and prayer. His academic lessons last approximately an hour and a half (breaks included). Today he begged to do all the supplemental activities and I had to make him stop at 11:30 so we could go to lunch. May this excitement last for the next 20+ years!

The other day he said something that made me laugh. I was having computer problems and usually with this particular problem I have to "reboot" my computer. Allan was waiting patiently and finally said, "mommy you need to "rebuke" your computer!" You know...I wonder if that would work?!


David & April said...

I'm so glad he is so excited! He looks so cute in his school clothes! And you don't even look pregnant in the pic of the two of you! Hope things continue to go well!!!

Joy said...

Oh my, the things kids say. I had to laugh at Allan's suggestion that you "rebuke" your computer. Ethan loves K4 and I hope his enthusiasm will last the next 20 years, too. Hope all is well with you all. Love from TN.

Liz said...

I tried to respond to your e-mail and it came back. Did you receive anything from me in response to your questions? If it truly didn't go through, e-mail me, if you don't mind.

Marianne Brown said...

Lizzy, I didn't get anything from you so I e-mailed you again Sunday evening about 10:30.

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Hey Marianne,

I didn't know you were using BJU. That's great! We also use that and love it. It's nice when your children are excited about school.