Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you #2

My mom and dad were able to come for a long weekend to meet their new grandson (this makes granddaughters...yet). They also did lots of other things: changed the handles on the fridge from the left to the right, finished the carpeting, potted plants, scrubbed floors, cleaned, put in door stops, worked on winterizing the garden, and many other things that helped make life run smoothly. Thank you mom and dad! That weekend was a busy one with pastor appreciation and our monthly SS Class dinner. Our SS class took a love offering for us which was so appreciated. Perhaps we can use some of the money to buy stock in a diaper company! Whew...the next big project is getting Daniel potty trained.


Brenda said...

What would we do without our mothers! I really like the words about the family on your wall - that is so neat.

Joy said...

I think Grandpa and Grandma Slagenweit must have rubbed off on their kids :) My parents always do so much for us when they visit like Grandma and Grandpa always did. I usually have a few projects that I would like to accomplish with their help, but they are always finding little odds and ends that just don't get done in the busyness of life. We both have great parents. I like your pictures of the boys and the saying underneath. Is it Uppercase Living or where did you get it? Hope you are taking care of yourself. You are looking great. So nice to hear that he is being such a good boy. He's adorable! Well, all 3 boys are.