Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some pictures of Stephen

I know that this blog has been very negligent in keeping up with the little guy's progress. He's growing so quickly and is already out of some 0-3 month outfits. These are some pictures taken over the past three weeks.


Kim M. said...

Awwwweee.... he is so cute! You are very blessed.

Faithe said...

He looks like Daniel, the 2nd....at least in the pictures. Maybe when we see him (in person) we will think differently. But he is a sweetie, for sure! How are you making out with homeschooling and two other little ones to take care of? You are one special Mommy!! Take care and we hope to see you when you're home over Christmas.

Lanee M. said...

A very handsome young man! :) I only have one boy and he keeps me hopping so, I pray for you and your three boys LOL!! No really, you have an awesome little family. Tell everyone I said Hi.