Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not that you asked...

Preface: This post is for future mothers, new mothers, or mothers of newborns.

This blog has been a "picture" blog for many reasons. I like my extended family to see what is happening with the boys, how they are growing, the funny things they do and say. You see, my mother has 7 siblings and at one time they were in 7 different states (they are now in AZ, OK, FL, and PA). My father has one sister but visits with any of my extended family are very few and far between. The intention of this blog was to help them "connect" with our part in the family tree...if they care to.

On purpose I don't blog (on this blog) about personal study, spiritual growth, or philosophies of childrearing. The purpose of this blog has never been debate or discussion. (although I have an opinion on just about everything!) That will not change. Someday I may allow my On Purpose Parenting blog (This blog is an apologetic for our family's philosophy of life and living) to become public but at this point it is for my boys' future reference only. The reasons on which I based this decision are not important. This is in no way a reflection on those who read this blog and who have wonderful debates and discussion on their blogs...please keep it up! I'm probably one of the ones following your threads.

Now for the main point:
The reason for this post is to give information that some have no idea is available. I will not discuss the rationale nor qualifiers that usually accompany this kind of information. You are free do use or discard the information as you see fit.

When I had Allan I was totally unprepared for what was about to happen in our lives. To put it very plainly, life turned upside down, my days (and nights) were out of control, and the exhaustion defies description. Put in a healthy dose of PPD (post-partum depression) and you can imagine what our lives were like. We had talked extensively about our childrearing philosophy and when and how the training of our children would begin. What we didn't realize is how much of that training begins on day one.

It became very clear we needed some answers and so we went to reliable sources (those who had children and their lives were not out of control). One dear friend (who now has 6 children and a very well-ordered, peaceful, happy home) who we talked to said, "oh yes, you need to read On Becoming Babywise by Garry Ezzo." Having never heard of the book we checked it out of the local public library and at that point our lives changed again...for the better. Within three days our lives were drastically different. For those of you who think I'm exaggerating let me assure you...I'm not! What amazed me was that every parent wasn't required to read this. We're not talking Christian v. non-Christian. What we're talking about a common sense approach to having a happy, healthy infant and a well-rested mother who actually is able to care for her little one(s). (Another book that dovetails with this one is My First 300 Babies by Glady Hendrix.)

Again, I'm giving as little information as possible although I could write volumes. If you find yourself at whit's end, Read the book. For those who's babies "have their nights and days mixed up", read the book. If you're thinking this "being a mother" thing is not for you, Read the book. If you want to be prepared when your little one makes his grand entrance, Read the book. For those who think I was just really "lucky" to have children who were sleeping (on average) through the night (10pm - 6am) by the time they were 5 weeks old... READ THE BOOK! ....take it :o) or leave it :o)


Liz said...

These days I just smile when people comment on my "good sleepers." :>) (Most of the time!) :>)

Just Ramblin said...

I was given this book when I was expecting our second child. I wished I would have heard of it with the first. It made a huge difference!!

Mary Ellen said...

Four kids, all about two years apart - read parts of the book each time before they were born for a review (after reading all of it before the first one) and it worked beautifully for each child. I've recommended it to many Mom's. There are always a few who think it's nonsense...then they can't figure out why they are still getting up several times a night when their child is 12 months old! Ugh, I just wish they knew....