Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toys at our house - face guard

daddy's slingshot wrapped around head = face guard

Have you ever noticed that children are rarely amused by expensive toys and gadgets? My sons are no exception. Allan comes up with the most unique combinations and I'll have to say they're usually pretty creative. The best investment I've ever made was a clothes hamper that has a lid on it. It has been: Noah's Ark, turtle shell, house, cage for stuffed animals, home of one of the three little pigs, gopher hole, and some others that I can't remember. The lid can be taken off and I duck taped a half circle on the inside so they can use it for a shield. Again....the best $10 I've ever spent. So to get ready for next Christmas....just save all the items you break this year or parts of things you find that you don't know where else they belong, put them in a box and wrap it for them for Christmas. I'll guarantee they'll play with it longer than the $20 item you'd rather purchase them. In the next several posts I've listed some of the items Allan has come up with this year. (They're in separate posts because....alas, I have yet to learn how to post captions to pictures on least with any ease and without frustration. Yes, You'd think after three years I'd take it upon myself to become more literate in this area!)

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