Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Allan Turns Five

April 7th was Allan's 5th birthday. He was very disappointed at first when he realized that he hadn't gotten any bigger overnight. He's also very confused as to why he's Allan Brown the third if he's five and why he's turning 5 on the 7th of April. All these number are getting to him. I told him to wait until he has to use two hands to show people how old he is...that's when it gets really confusing!

We had a grand day of celebration and since he wanted to do school we went ahead and did his lessons for the day but added some extra fun. Instead of a cake he wanted a fruit pizza. I wasn't going to argue, they're less time consuming and better for you. We went to mom and dad Brown's house and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs even though it was freezing outside.

He had been asking for a scooter ever since the Lambeth children went riding past our place on their scooters. We thought it was a good idea so we did get him one. The other thing he had asked for was a yo-yo. His grandma Brown bought him one....we'll leave it up to the Yo-Yo champion (pop-pop Brown) to teach him how to use it. He also received some bubbles, and silly putty which were put to quick use. It was a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Allan!


David & April said...

Happy Birthday to Allan! We can't believe he's 5 already! I click on the images and blow them up, and Allan holding the fruit pizza up David was drooling! He wondered if Allan saved him a slice. Stephen, he said has such a good mix of you and Philip! Those big blue eyes could melt your heart! We hear Daniel is potty trained, congrats!

tonya said...

Happy Birthday To Allan! Your fruit pizza looks amazing~ wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys:)Love ya, Jay and Tonya

Brenda said...

Wow - it's hard to believe Allan is already 5 since I remember when he was born!! He is such a cutie! And that fruit pizza looks beautiful and delicious!