Saturday, May 02, 2009


1. For those who are training small children: (found by Lizzy Stetler) The lectures done by Ted Tripp based on his book Shepherding a Child's Heart can be found here. This is for those who have or have not read his book. The book is somewhat difficult to read but the lectures are outstanding. This has been a wonderful reminder of the importance of dealing with the issues of the heart that are the source of behavior. My husband also posted this on his blog in an easier format to access.

2. (also taken from Lizzy Stetler's blog)Also for those who are working so hard to train your children this is a must read!

I'm working on a list that I can post of other resources that we have found helpful in the training of our children for those who have asked (and keep asking!). This will be a list that I can keep adding to as we grow with our children. And if you find that we've missed a helpful resource let us know.