Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Week

This was an interesting week. Allan has been sick since Wednesday so that's an added interest. He's running a fever, stuffy nose, chills, aches...typical yucky stuff. What is funny is that in our last scourge two weeks ago he never got sick. I guess he's now talking his turn. So I'm home with him today. Wednesday I spoke to the Aldersgate Christian Academy teachers/staff on Philosophy of Christian education. Thursday I spoke at our church ladies meeting on "Spiritual Facelifts". (BTW: Speaking is NOT my thing!) Made a fruit pizza Thursday for Aldersgate Distance Education students who were on campus this week. Friday my sister-in-law, Charity, brought the children up for the weekend so we spent Friday evening at my in-laws and enjoyed seeing Alex and Kathryn. Saturday was spent doing piles of laundry that hadn't been done due to the activities earlier in the week. Today I'm home with Allan and have missed 3 of the past 4 Sundays! But it's a day of rest just taking care of Stephen (who sleeps wonderfully) and Allan (who does tend to moan alot...he says it helps him feel better). Here are some random pictures taken throughout the week. It was very nice and warm at the begining so we spent some time at the park and Stephen was able to swing for the first time.

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Alanna said...

I smiled about the comment from Allen on moaning. I would have to agree - sometimes moaning does help. :)