Friday, March 06, 2009

Stephen at Five months

At five months old and a little over 14 lbs. he's starting to show personality. Laughing, smiling, grabbing items, trying to stand, drooling, eating cereal (and the occasional ice cream from daddy), along with sleeping are what fill his days. He's sleeping in his crib now in the "boys' room". He is loud at times....very loud. But he's being taught by some of the best!


David & April said...

This made me smile! He's a cutie!!

David & April said...

Okay, I keep watching this video!! It really rather cracks me up!! How cute!!

Marianne Brown said...

I ought to post one when he does his spitting routine. Instead of the "ahhhhahhhhahhhh" it's one continuous spitting sound! BTW: I sent you an e-mail the other day and it bounced back...have you guys changed addresses? Love you!

Joy said...

Very cute! Love the baby babbles.