Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andrew and Marybeth Cressman

Another wedding cake this week...this one had to be transported over 2 1/2 hours which made me nervous but it (and I) survived. Marybeth has been a good friend since I learned to know her when she came to work at GBS several years ago. I made her twin sister, Myra's, wedding cake almost five years ago. Because of some of our similarities we sometimes are mistaken for each other. Her name is Marybeth Louise Brown, mine is Marianne Louise Brown. Our work e-mails were and respectively. I'm very happy to have been a part of her special day (it was even more special that she purchased my wedding gown and wore it today). I chose to do basketweave on the sides of her cakes so that if they shifted or cracked during the transport it wouldn't be as noticable. Each cake was topped with a red silk rose and silver dragees. The pictures are of the cake, Marybeth and Andrew, and Michaela Schaub who was the flower girl. That little lady brought tears to my eyes...she's growing up so quickly...she's only a few weeks younger than Allan...time sure has flown.


David & April said...

Beautiful job on the cakes! You should keep just a collection of cakes as you make them, on here! Then you could showcase just those and all we have to do is click a title!! ;) It was also nice that you sold your dress! I had mine cleaned and preserved.

Mary Ellen said...

Your cakes just amaze me! I love seeing pictures of them.

You and I had very similar wedding dresses, I am hoping my daughter will love mine enough to wear it someday. "-) If not, then maybe a daughter-in-law will!

The Gurnee's said...

That is wonderful Andrew found a nice wife. Congrats to the new couple!


Regi said...

Beautiful job on the cakes!