Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stephen is Mobile

Stephen is now doing a fairly good army crawl and can get where he wants to go more quickly than is safe. He actually fell down one set of stairs the other week. Last week he decided it was time to sit up and so he went from not sitting to sitting for 20 minute stretches. He also pulled up for the first with Philip yesterday. He's enjoying all of the different foods he gets to try...except peas! He's pretty much on all table food now. We just put it through the food grinder before we give it to him. The boys love trying to make him laugh and they can get some of the cutest belly laughs out of the little guy. It seems like he sleeps more than my other guys did (16-17 hours a day) but the Dr. says that's when his brain is developing so allow him to sleep as much as he likes. It really cuts down on the amount of time I'm able to run errands but all too soon that will change.

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