Saturday, July 04, 2009

Camping Trip Part Two

Wednesday morning we had bacon, scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. We decided to leave for our hike to the waterfall after Stephen woke from his morning nap. I packed a picnic lunch and we just had fun exploring and playing until it was time to leave. One of the things we did was roast a whole bag of marshmellows while we were there. There is no nutritional value to be found in them but they are really wonderful when they're nicely browned on the outside and melted on the inside. Daniel thought they were good to the last sticky bit left on the stick.

After Stephen woke up we drove to Red Rive Gorge and made the trek to the waterfall and wading pool. Upon arriving we discovered that someone had built a campfire on the sandbar and left trash everywhere. While the boys finished eating Philip went and cleaned up everything before the boys went in to play. They had a high time! Chasing minnows and throwing rocks. There were no other people there which made it nice. As you can see the wading pool was not very deep and while Allan and Daniel played Stephen sat in the sand and played in and ate the sand.

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