Sunday, July 05, 2009

Camping Trip Part Three

There were many other things that happened which added to the memory list of our trip: catching fireflies, the raccoon that raided our eating area on Wednesday night, Allan's prayer the first evening thanking God for such an awesome creation, the cool nights and moderate days, the encounter with another Christian lady who is a student at Southern in Louisville, Daniel praying periodically along the trail about his various problems, the hole in the air mattress, the red and yellow mushrooms, a snail, bubbles, digging in the dirt....I could go on and on. All summed up: I think it was a great experience that we'll repeat again. It will be nice when the boys get older and can help with the work a bit more but they did what they could and even that was a help.


Martha C said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the new pictures. Love your new van, too!
I had found an icing recipe that I looove! Bad thing for me. :-) Funny thing is that it tastes better when I make it with my Kitchenaid instead of a hand mixer. It has a fluffier taste.

Esther said...

That looks like so much fun! I wanna go camping very badly :)

Esther said...
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