Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Child's View of Reality

Allan has a little characteristic that I wish I was able to emulate. When he has an unpleasant experience, he "cuts" it out of his day. Tonight when his daddy asked him how his day went he gave most of the details except one large account of an unpleasant circumstance. Philip asked him about it and he replied that he'd "cut that part out." After cutting it out he throws it in the trash and never sees it again.....wonder how I could do that?!

Last night after church Daniel was being his usual self and I turned around at the back of the church to see him somersaulting down the aisle towards the alter. After catching up with him, I explained that this was God's house, a special place set aside to worship and we don't run or yell or somersault out of respect for this special place and our love and respect for God. He looked around quickly and said, "But church is over. God isn't here."

Stephen climbed the steps today by himself. I caught him about 8 steps up and watched to see if he'd go the rest of the way and he did. It's as though every fiber of his being is saying, "I'm not a baby anymore...please don't ask me to do baby things!" Sighhhhh..... "when did they grow so quickly, the time's gone so fast." But I certainly am thankful for little, healthy boys who are growing normally.

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David & April said...

We just love hearing things like these, they make our day!!