Thursday, August 06, 2009

Update/Prayer request

My computer monitor has died so I'm having to work through Log-me-in which is fine...just a bit more burdensome. We've had a good week of beautiful weather. Well, beautiful weather except for Tuesday. Philip and I were planning on celebrating our anniversary by going canoeing but due to heavy thunderstorms the place closed and so we ended up going to the Creation Museum. That was a nice experience since it was the first time I've not had a child with me. We've worked in the garden, I've gotten most of the windows and screens washed, and worked on our school schedule. Plans are to start full swing into schoolwork on Wednesday. Allan can hardly wait. This week I wouldn't allow him to do school because I needed a break to get some things done.

Lord willing, Saturday morning about 5:00 I'm going to pull out for a flying trip to WV to see a friend dying of cancer. Since this is Philip's last week off he offered to stay with the children so that I can go make some more memories and say good-bye. Bill and Ruby have been dear friends since college days and Bill doesn't have long to live. Unfortunately, by his own admission, he is not ready to die, but most unsettling, his seeming lack of concern. Unless God performs a miracle I will not see him again and I want God to give me wisdom and discernment to do/say the right thing. I want this to be a "Bill, thanks for everything you've done and all the cups of coffee you've brewed...I'll see you in a while." I don't even want to think that this is the final goodbye before he enters eternity without having a right relationship with God. If it comes to your mind I'd appreciate your prayers. I hope to get home by 10:00 Saturday night so I'd appreciate prayers for traveling mercies. Our car got a new serpetine belt and radiator on Wednesday so it should be good to go! :o)

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Kelly S said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. I will be praying for you and him the rest of this week. Can't imagine coming to that point in my life and having any questions at all about where I'm going! That's a lot of driving in one day. Be careful!