Saturday, August 15, 2009

This week's Savings Summary

Contrary to what my sister-in-law says, I'm not the queen of frugality. I wish I were and I'm endeavoring to get better but there's only so much energy that I can afford to pour into it. One of these days I'd like to write down the money saving things we've implemented in our home (long before there was any economic 'depression' ) that flows out of our philosophy of money and stewardship. But that will be the day when I have more time than what is available to me now.

This week there were some good deals at various places so I made two trips to Walgreens (I only have a picture of one of the trips), and one to CVS and Kroger. Here were the final results:

Kroger: Two 6pks of Dannon yogurt, One 6pk Danimals yogurt, two pkgs hot dogs, chicken breasts, 2 pkgs sausage, 2 pkgs bacon, 2 jars salad dressing, 1 jar mayo, 4 pkgs Knorr pasta sides, 1 box rice, 1 jar oil, 4 boxes cereal, 1 roll paper towels, bread, bananas, 2 gallons of milk.
Total value: $83.56
After coupons, sales and promotions paid: $37.81

CVS: 2 jumbo pkgs Huggies diapers, 1 pair scissors, 1 softsoap body wash
Total before sale: $33.07
Total after sales, coupons and promotions: $6.14
Received: $11.00 in Extra Care Bucks for next trip

Walgreens: 1 tube Colgate toothpaste, 4 cans Campbell's cream of chicken soup, 4 pocket folders (for fillers in Walgreens won't accept more coupons than the number of items you have...very unhandy policy), 2 pkgs (2 in each) reach toothbrushes, 1 reach dental floss, 2 pkgs Neosporin
Total before sales: $31.26
After coupons, sales and promotions: $10.63
Got back: $10.00 in Register Rewards for next store purchase.

So that means I paid out of pocket $54.58. Our budget is $60.00 a week for groceries, papers products, health needs, diapers, cleaning items. Basically that covers everything except clothes which is kept in a different fund and rolls over each month. Whatever is left over after our $240.00 either goes into savings or if there are any "needed" purchases then we can look at using the money towards that. Pretty good week!


David & April said...

I really like when you do these posts! Makes me want to really be better at saving too! I've been clipping coupons and love to see whne they tell you how much you saved. I need to put some more effort into this!! Thanks! Keep on saving girl!

Kara Plank said...

awesome! Getting the diapers for less than $6 caught my eye since I now am flying through them with Sadie...I really need to check into the CVS thing! P'm also impressed with your $60 budget with several kids. We tried a trial budget at $40 this year, and were sur[rised $ shocked when we actually met it quite a few times! (that was a little too low in the end, but then that's why it was a "trial")...

David and Sarah Fry said...

Your savings summaries motivated me to give it a try...I'm hooked! Bitten by the CVS bug.

Raylin said...

Teach me! :) I am curious as to where you get coupons... do you get the paper? So many times when I look at coupons it is for things I don't need/use... do I change my habits to incorporate them? Sometime it would be nice for us "coupon newbies" if you did a post explaining the details... I am very impressed with what you did with less than $60! Thanks for the inspiration!

Marianne Brown said...

I hope next week to get time to blog about saving, coupons, and money making ideas....once the insanity at our house dies down! That will be my way to unwind :o)