Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Flurry (of blog posts that is)

Lately I've been blogging "machine gun style"! Here are a few pre-Christmas updates.

This is what I saw the other morning when I went in to wake the boys. Daniel has really been struggling to stay in his bed at night. But we made it clear that he can't sleep in the crib with Stephen...there isn't enough room.

The last day of finals my discipleship group came over for a meal. I decided to go Oriental since all three of them are from Korea. We had a great time and they were tickled that I was able to fix "sticky" rice :o) Gloria and Grace are sisters. This semester was Gloria and Caroline's first in the USA. Grace has been here a full year. They've made such progress in their English acquisition and I'm proud of them. We laugh about differences in communication and culture but it's been a profitable learning experience on both ends. The boys love them dearly.

Grace, Gloria, and Caroline

There was a new Kroger store that opened in Newport, KY and so the boys and I visited. They had a new (for us) kind of citrus fruit on sale for $1.00 so I bought one. It is a pummelo and it tastes like a grapefruit except it's not as bitter. The rind is very thick though and the inside flesh would be about the same amount as a grapefruit.

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Esther said...

We got one too :) must have seen the same sale. We just thought it was a giant grapefruit:)