Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Plays

We have entered a new phase of parenting and that is developing a new appreciation for children's Christmas plays. I've always enjoyed watching the eagerness and nervousness on their faces from an observers perspective but you see it through new eyes when you're a parent and your child is involved.

Allan is participating in the Aldersgate Christian Academy kindergarten music class and so he was able to join their Christmas program. He seemed to enjoy is but said that the lights made his eyes water and that made him nervous. Here he is with his buddy Toby Butcher.

Both Allan and Daniel were in our church Christmas program as part of the Nativity scene. Daniel was a shepherd and Allan played the part of Joseph. I wasn't able to see them because I was in the nursery with Stephen who naps during that time. They tell me that Allan held "baby Jesus" very tenderly and was very father-like which interested me. We don't have any doll babies around our home but it seemed like he knew what to do with it.

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