Saturday, October 16, 2010


There's a lot of "catch-up" that I need to do... particularly for those of you who have faithfully prayed for us over the past four months. And, that will happen ... soon but I was wanting to post some other things first.

Our 9th anniversary was in July. At the time, I was staying with my in-laws but we were able to be together and actually got away for a few hours. The flowers Philip gave me were incredible! I've never seen anything quite like them and they lasted for quite a long time. They made me smile every time I saw them.

Paul and Myra Alexander became Philip's "right arm" (as did so many others) this summer in helping to care for the boys. Here Stephen's learning some computer techniques from Paul.

Both boys learned to roller-blade this summer...I'm looking forward to getting my own pair so that I can join them!

For various reason Daniel went through a period of not being able to stay in his bed at night. It wasn't as though he was really awake but he'd come over to our room, lay down beside our bed and then a little later go back to his room. Sometimes he'd want a hug or want us to pray for him but many times he wasn't even alert enough to talk. We started counting nights he stayed in bed all night and that immediately was an incentive for him to stay in his own room. When he reached night 10 we asked him what he'd like "special" to celebrate and his answer was "breakfast in bed." He'd heard a story in which the children did this as something special for their mother. So... that's what we did. When we reached 20 nights in a row we purchased donuts for breakfast - I think this is the fourth time I've purchased donuts since Allan has been born so that was quite a treat.

Several weeks ago my friend, Linda Schaub, and I took our children to the zoo. Michael and Linda have 3 girls who are in close ages to our boys. We had quite an interesting time of snake petting (which mommy took no part in!), train rides, and seeing all the "new" things the Cincinnati zoo has been doing.

That certainly isn't everything that's been going on...I have no pictures of the flea infestation we battled (they are so thick in our yard there wasn't any way to keep them out of the house!), all the funny things the boys have been saying, Philip just returned from Mississippi last night, etc. We're just so thankful for all the "normal" times that have been ours to enjoy! God has been so very, very good to us.


Faithe said...

This does my heart good to read your blog. I've been praying that you will soon be back to "normal" ... and it sounds like the Lord is answering prayer. Praise the Lord for a WONDERFUL husband and GREAT friends!!!

Regina said...

Sounds like you are doing so much better! That's great! I've thought of you a lot over the summer.