Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Book Recommendation

While Philip was at Wesley Biblical Seminary giving the Chamberlain Holiness lectures, he was given a book written by Matt Friedeman called Discipleship in the Home - Teaching Children, Changing Lives. We've done a lot of reading in the past nine years on raising/training/disciplining children but this book has been a cut above the rest. You can find methods, formulas, and directions to support any child-rearing philosophy out there but so few deal with the bottom line - rearing godly children who love and serve God and have a passion for the Kingdom. This can only be done as parents disciple their children.

"Families are in crisis. If there is hope for our future, it will be because millions of Christian parents rise up and teach their children God's plan for their lives and thereby change the world for His glory. There is no current need more critical than this. Simply put, in everything you do, teach your children about God. It is the responsibility of the family to disciple their children. The Great Commission starts in our homes!"

Most of us with young children have in mind what we want our children to be by the time they leave our homes (or we should). But setting the goals and implementing the plans to accomplish those goals can be overwhelming. Friedeman gives very practical advice for streamlining the process and makes passing on our Christian values and theology "do-able." There is huge amount of helpful information packed into just 7 chapters. The rest of the book is spent in the Appendix with a thorough explanation of how the Friedeman's implemented in their own home, the foundational information contained in the book.

This is a MUST READ for couples who plan on having children or those who have young children.


Brenda said...

Thanks for the recommendation. This is definitely on my "get list."

Liz said...

Glad to have the recommendation! Thank you! It was great to see you Sunday!

Andy said...

Phil and Marianne,

I was able to take Matt's discipleship in the home class while in seminary. If the book is anything like his class, it will be a great read.


Juwah said...

Thanks for the recommendation. This is one I'm anxious to read.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Sitting together under Dr. Matt's teaching was one of the most foundational things for our early parenting years. It has literally shaped our home and how we do things. Don't have his new book yet...but can't wait to read it!

Marianne Brown said...

Andy and Sarah, From what I understand, this book came directly from his class at Wesley. How fortunate you are to have been able to take it firsthand! It has been a breath of fresh air!