Saturday, February 12, 2011


There was nothing short of a celebration when I FINALLY figured out how to fix the problems with my blog this week! I feel like getting back into the swing of writing again since it's not so ugly as before. I was wanting a little more color but I'm done messing for now :o)

It came to my attention this week as I was placing our picture order for the year 2010, that I never blogged about Allan's Kindergarten Graduation! It took place May 27th, exactly one week after I had surgery. It was the events immediately following his celebration that started the whole medication reaction and withdraw so blogging about his celebration totally slipped my mind.

It was a great celebration! Weeks before we sat down and came up with his guest list and it very quickly grew to 50 people...most of them adults. I never had a kindergarten graduation in public school but our Christian school has one and I think it's a great way to launch them into their formal educational career. It was definitely a "homemade" graduation celebration but it was so much fun and he was very thrilled.

Making sure his cap and gown are the right size.

Daniel checking out the "impressive" medal.

Principal and helper welcoming everyone.

Allan walking out to "Pomp and Circumstance".

Allan doesn't seem to be interested in the commencement speaker's address!

Conferring his degree of "Kindergarten Graduate" and awarding his diploma.

Some of our guests:

It was a great time! I'm sorry that it was somewhat shadowed by the food poisoning that followed (not from the food that evening but evidently something earlier in the day - none of our guests were harmed - for which I'm very thankful!)and my mom's worsening condition.

We're very proud of Allan and his accomplishment! He did very well his kindergarten year and I so enjoyed being his teacher and teaching him how to read! That has to be one of the highlights of my life thus far. He's adjusted to being in a Christian school this year and I've been pleased with his attitude. It's hard to believe that in a little over a month we'll be celebrating his 7th birthday!

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Juwah said...

Now that's my kind of graduation where the guests can sit back and relax in a lawn chair. :)