Saturday, February 05, 2011

Things we've been doing

It's February! This is the time of year that get's my creative juices running for spring and summer and I love it. Reading seed and flower catalogs, placing orders and planting the things that need to be started indoors. Ahhhh...there's nothing quite like it. (And just this week my pyramid strawberry bed arrived! Yippeee!) But this time of year usually brings some wonderful white stuff that demands people to slow down and take a break which is wonderful after the rush of the Christmas holiday. I look at snow as God's gift to those who have a lot of out of the home obligations that allows them to stay at home and not feel guilty for it! Unfortunately most of those people hate I enjoy it for them! Here's what we've been up to:

Sledding at Eden Park: Daddy was VERY kind to pull little people up the hill!

 Because it was a   l - o - n - g way up for little legs.
Stephen was amazing! He absolutely loved it and as soon as he'd get back to the top he'd go down with whoever was ready - I think he went down more than anyone else.

I took Stephen to Sunday School for the first time the other week and he did very well. Due to sickness we've not made it back but hopefully soon, for the first time in almost seven years, I'll be going to my own class without little ones. That will be different.
We've been eating some Sunday meals in the cafeteria since my mother-in-law has been away - I so thankful for this blessing!

And just today I planted Coleus, some coral petunias and some plum pudding petunias! It should make for a pretty summer. Once they germinated I'll post another picture of them.

Celebrated the homegoing of a friend/role model and shed many tears of sorrow for the empty spot she leaves in so many lives.
Perhaps someday in the future I'll blog more about this. Three years ago one of the things I started to do was blog about some individuals that God brought across my pathway over the years who influenced me for God and wholehearted surrendered service to Him. Unfortunately, they're all still in the "unpublished" category and now two of those individuals have left this world. That's something I may take up again.

I'll admit, having a "blah" looking blog doesn't motivate me to update! But I've been working with the HTML code this week and am starting to make some headway although not as much as I like. I'm about 30% computer literate and that's not enough to be working with code! So, I'll keep working and hopefully someday soon - it'll have a new look :o)


Juwah said...

I've been so tempted to buy a strawberry pyramid. I'm anxious to hear how yours works out.

Marianne Brown said...

Julia, I'll let you know how I like it. There are some tips I've read on how to make it better: put breathable plastic down first to control weeds, stake the bottom circle, etc. that sounds helpful. The boys are excited (as is their mother:o)

skier1998 said...

This might help with your blog template.

Sign in to blogger.
Click on DESIGN. (middle of page?)
Click on TEMPLATE DESIGNER (top left)
Choose one - click apply to blog on top right hand corner.

Hope that helps.