Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another First for Allan

Allan holds the distinguished title in our family for First To Get Stitches and now... First To Break a Bone! Two weeks ago he was jumping over the staircase and fell on his twisted arm. When he kept complaining about  it we decided to take him in for x-rays and sure enough, his complaints were for a reason. The good news is that since he's already two weeks into the healing process he should only have to have the cast on for two weeks. That made him very happy!


Charity said...

Wow-wee! Allan, you better be careful about all these 'firsts' you're getting- they can be painful! Eat lots of popsicles, and don't get the cast wet (they stink)

Brenda said...

Aww - poor little guy!

Marianne Brown said...

Charity - they have waterproof casts now! He has to submerge it at least once a day. yeah for adavancements :o)