Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Days are Here!

Summer + slower pace = fun family times. Not that we couldn't be busy this summer but there are more important things than being busy. Here's this past week:

Kroger had their raspberries on sale the past two weeks for a $1, so that gave good reason to make up some jam. There were 20 jars but one has already been opened to go on toast for breakfast - marvelous stuff!

We tried out a "new-to-us" park on Tuesday evening at Mt. Airy Forest that has a really cool treehouse!

We had fun exploring there and then decided to take a little hike. The boys are always looking for an adventurous walk in the woods - pretending a myriad of things along the way. It was HOT the middle of last week and so we were thoroughly soaked and worn out by the time we got back to the van (but little people sleep better when they're all worn out :o) Here's Stephen with his hiking stick "whip, whip, whip"ing away at whatever he's whipping - have no idea where he got it from!

Allan wanted me to take a picture of a tree with arms -

Then Wednesday was spent in the garden....all day.... finishing the planting that needed to be done for this year. We would have to choose the hottest day of this year so far to finish but since we were leaving on Thursday it couldn't wait any longer. I broke down and bought Preen (which I should have done two months ago!) so that I don't have to spend the rest of the summer weeding. So now all the cucumbers, squash, cantelope, and okra are planted and I took time to stake the tomatoes.

Thursday we headed to Tennessee!

Where we stayed at the Valentine's home -

And grilled our meals while enjoying the lovely patio and gazebo area that had a swing and table -
While the boys explored the woods and spent time playing on the swing -

Enjoyed some awesome scenery in the Great Smokey Mountains - what a wonderful change of pace from the city. God is such an awesome Creator!

Enjoyed all the flowers that were blooming (including Mountain Laurel and azaleas) but missed getting pictures of the turkeys.

Two different days we took the boys to Cosby Creek to throw rocks and just enjoy the outdoors. They had a marvelous time!

All too soon it was time to pack up and head back to Cincinnati - we arrived home last evening a little after 5:30, had some homemade pizza, took our Saturday night baths and headed to bed.

Today we had lunch with our special friends, Michael and Linda Schaub, and their girls (all four of them :o). Tonight we have to say goodbye (again!) since they're taking their new little one and heading back to Florida. I'm so thankful they were able to be here for the birth of the baby and we got to meet Maddie before they had to go back South. We will miss them!


Tonya said...

Love the jam, love the lemon tree, love the whipping stick and Linda and the girls!...and did I mention I love you too:)

Shore Girl said...

Hi Marianne, I love reading your blog - the jam looks delicious and the beautiful scenery pics as well. Oh and the tree with arms too!! (smile)

Marianne Brown said...

Tonya - :o) I like my lemon tree too - topiary - reject from walmart and box of lemons and a glue gun! And I love you!